July 31, 2010: 2010, Issue 30
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bronx Times Reporter

Contractor scam uncovered

One senior has learned the hard way that all contractors are not equal — nor are all of them even licensed. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Vacca to meet with MTA regarding Bx8

The backlash against the MTA’s new Bx8 bus route continues, and now city officials have jumped into the fight. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Summer storm slays trees, cuts power

That was no mere summer shower in the Bronx on Sunday afternoon — that was a tornado. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Scanlan welcomes first secular principal

After 25 years working at Monsignor Scanlan High School, Emily Padilla-Bradley has become the first lay principal to lead the institution. Comment.

Salvation Army touts new thrift store

There’s some good news for Bronx bargain-hunters. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

City Island barber is rooster-rescuer

Patrons of Hollywood barber shop are already used to seeing a large rooster walking around inside or sitting on the chairs. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Hostage situation in Throggs Neck

Two brazen thieves who tied up a young couple in a Throggs Neck apartment surrendered to a police hostage negotiator after an hour and a half standoff that began late on Friday, July 23. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Reward offered for Westchester Square rapist

Elected officials are offering cash for your help in finding the individual who raped a 79-year-old woman last week. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

O’Grady passes away after game in his honor

Just hours after merchants played a softball game in his honor, beloved community figure Joe O’Grady passed away peacefully. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Kitten rescued after 3 days in sewer

A Morris Park kitten is safe and dry after an adventure that brought him underground and into the sewer. Comment.

Cops score with Valentine Ave heroin bust

Bronx narcotics officers are feeling good after busting up a major heroin ring on Monday night, July 26, that yielded them $1.5 million worth of cold cash, heroin, guns, and jewelry. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

DEP stops flooding in Collucci Park

Flooding on Wilkinson Avenue near Colucci Park and Payground may finally be drying up. Comment.

Espada bails on town hall meeting

Kingsbridge Avenue residents came out for a town hall meeting with Senator Pedro Espada Jr. on Thursday, July 22, at the Church of the Mediator. But their state senator was a no-show. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Primaries heating up in the Bronx

With a more than two-to-one ratio of candidates to seats, the 2010 Democratic primaries are heating up in the Bronx. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Community cop uninjured after terrifying accident

A horrifying accident involving the 49th Precinct’s community affairs officer and a rental car two weeks ago left police officer Victor DiPierro with only minor scrapes, and a new lease on life. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Big drug chains go local

Two prominent chain pharmacies in Morris Park have agreed to become a lot more neighborly. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Waterbury Ave ped bridge being rebuilt

Summer’s here, and the time is right for pedestrian bridge repair. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

New bank on White Plains Road

White Plains Road WaMu customers will be looking for a new branch. Comment.

Officials still unheard on Wakefield shelters

Senator Jeff Klein and other officials continue to go unheard on their concerns over plans to open four new homeless shelters in Wakefield. They are less than pleased. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Vandals Force League To Cancel Events

The Throggs Neck Girls Softball League was planning to hold a game and a picnic in the sunny summer weather on Saturday, July 17. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Tricky tax refund finally comes through

A Pelham Gardens resident can rest easy after it appeared that her full state tax refund would not arrive, all due to a paperwork mixup. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Falling Debris Signals End for Signal Station

If you are traveling underneath the 6 IRT train, along Westchester Avenue, you may want to be cautious. Comment.

Science Fair Mixes Learning and Fun

Balls were bouncing and bubbles were flying at the Science Fair on June 18, where students from P.S. 96 got to show off the projects they had spent months developing. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Brutal rape in Westchester Square

It was early Monday morning, July 19, that a terrible rape occurred in an area of the Bronx that rarely sees such crimes. Comment.

Parks dept keeps cranking out new playgrounds

All those fancy new school playgrounds you’ve been seeing pop up behind schools in the borough? They’re part of a massive, ambitious plan by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Parks Department to revamp, or create from scratch, 256 playgrounds by 2013. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Programs Keep Morris Park Clean

The Bronx Business Alliance and the Morris Park Business Alliance are not big fans of garbage. Comment.

Former Mott Haven Resident Returns With Mcdonald’s Franchise

Growing up in the south Bronx, Cecil Joseph never thought he would one day get to be his own boss. Comment.

Preston hockey star makes the Empire State Games

Tiffany Melillo has been working hard on the ice for eight years now, ever since playing Morris Park roller-hockey as a little girl. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Archbishop blesses nursing home

With St. Vincent de Paul safe from closure, Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan visited the nursing home to see the facility for the first time and to offer his blessing. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

P.S.71 to get a green roof

Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has released a whopping $37.6 million in funding for new projects as part of his new 2011 budget, and Pelham Bay students and parents should be especially excited. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the money — one of the largest allocations for any of the projects — will be devoted to a new green roof for P.S. 71, the Rose E. Scala School. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Van Nesters question school renaming

Many officials, local parents and residents are all set to name the new school that opens soon on Bronxdale Avenue after two fallen firefighters that lost their lives on January 24, 2005. But if a handful of outspoken Van Nest residents have a say, the school will be renamed after a local hero who died on a different date — September 11, 2001. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Abandoned driving range up for bid

Morris Park residents will be pleased to learn that an abandoned golf center, which many felt had become a notorious eyesore, could soon become a functioning business again. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Willis Avenue bridge arrives

The Willis Avenue Bridge replacement has completed its long journey down the Hudson River, but the bridge has a long way yet to go. Comment.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bronx Times Reporter

Community rallies to save trees

Pelham Parkway locals love their trees, and they’ll fight to keep them from becoming wood chips. Comment.

Longtime adviser remembers Steinbrenner

NY Yankees legend George Steinbrenner died of a heart attack on Tuesday morning, July 13, in Tampa, Florida. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Man points giant spotlight at cop chopper

When an NYPD helicopter was circling overhead late at night, making a lot of noise, an Edgewater Park man woke up and wondered what to do. Then, literally, a light went on. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Merchants will face off in charity softball game

It’s time again for that cutthroat merchant throwdown — the Throggs Neck-Morris Park softball game. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Sky watch will look out for shootings

Officers with the 49th Precinct are watching you from above. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Recruitment center agrees to change its look

A Westchester Square Navy/Air Force recruitment center doesn’t quite look like a Navy Recruitment Center. But soon, it will. Comment.

Bronx biz is told to go green

Bronx businesses need to go green, and they need to do it as soon as possible. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

The Garden saves the forest

If you care about forests, get on down to the Garden. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Locals tired of Lodovick Ave makeshift flea market

At what point does a routine garage sale become an illegal business? Comment.

Community celebrates firehouse victory

It was one of the most hard-fought grassroots fights to keep a fire company open in New York City history. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Throggs Neck comedian on Last Comic Standing

Mike DeStefano, a product of Throggs Neck, went from a needle to a microphone. Now he’s telling the story as part of his act on NBC’s hit comedy competition show, “Last Comic Standing.” Comment.

New crosswalk clocks count you down

Soon, pedestrians won’t have to worry about getting “caught” in the middle of intersections. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Stadium Ave swamped with buses

Country Clubbers are enraged. Comment.

Students harvest home-grown food

C.S. 211 kids ended their school year on a high note after growing their own food in a brand new edible garden. Comment.

Art classes bring Ireland to Woodlawn

Edmund Sullivan needed some way to celebrate his love for Irish art, and share that love with others, but do it all here in the Bronx. He found Martin O’Grady. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Westchester Square Pushes for an Anchor Store

Now that the former Foot Locker on Westchester Square has been boarded up for more than three months, officials are increasing efforts to bring a new retailer into the 18,000-square-foot lot. Comment.

City Hopes Rezoning Will Revitalize Area

City officials are hoping to kick start some new investments along Third and Tremont avenues by rezoning about 75 blocks between the Cross Bronx Expressway and Fordham Road. Comment.

NYOFCo plant winds down

Residents complained, and for once, they were heard. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

‘Last Shot’ shot down after inspection

A building on Stillwell Avenue that has gone through numerous identities is, at least for the time being, without one. Comment.

Pair Swoops in to Save Hawk

Thanks to the rescue efforts of some Mott Haven residents, a rare fledgling hawk will soon be learning to fly. Comment.

CB 10: Planet Fitness Does Not Fit

Because a gym along Westchester Avenue appears to be operating against city regulations, Community Board 10 members are taking matters into their own hands. Comment.

Ground Broken on New Playground on Old Yankee Stadium Field

Little leaguers from across the borough will be able to live out their dreams by playing in the footsteps of their favorite Yankees idols in a new park planned for the location of the old Yankee Stadium. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

49th Precinct offers theft prevention tips

The captain of the 49th Precinct has noticed a disturbing trend in recent months, as thefts of Global Positioning Systems and laptop computers from the interior of cars has become a hot crime. He wants to provide safety tips for people to protect their valuables. Comment.

Robinson Avenue eyesore homes to be completed

Neighbors of three homes on Robinson Avenue are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Comment.

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