May 29, 2011: 2011, Issue 21
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Bronx Times Reporter

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bronx Times Reporter

TOTS Teacher Wins Prestigious Award

Catherine O’Sullivan was one of just two early childhood teachers in New York City to receive a prestigious award. Comments (1).
Bronx Times Reporter

Seniors Thank Tosca for Monthly Treats

Eddie Sujak, owner of Tosca Marquee on East Tremont Avenue, has been inviting seniors from Throgs Neck Extended Care to eat on the house since last spring. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

USPS to close Van Nest Post Office

The lower Morris Park and Van Nest communities are mobilizing to keep their post office. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Mead Street’s Residents Concerned Over FDNY Accessibility

Local officials and the FDNY are concerned that a Van Nest street is too narrow to turn emergency vehicles on to. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Lehman to be “restarted”

If only it was as simple as restarting your computer. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Firehouse Closure Protest Reaches City Hall’s Steps

The protest to save 20 firehouses around the city that are set to be axed reached the steps of City Hall once again. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Hostos Community College opens $1.05 million recording studio

Hostos Community College recently unveiled a new state-of-the-art recording studio serving students interested in digital media careers. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Two million dollar houses demolished in zoning mistake

Kiss $2 million goodbye. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Preston PSA competes

Preston High School students have a new public service announcement that is up for a major national award. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Unclaimed Property Filled With Garbabe

Disagreements as to who should clean-up neighborhood property has led to a mess of garbage and a place for homeless people to sleep. Comment.

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