June 12, 2011: 2011, Issue 23
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Bronx Times Reporter

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bronx Times Reporter

Morris Park Hopes to Decrease Illegal SRO’s

The fire that killed a family of three in an illegally subdivided Crotona home sent shockwaves throughout the borough this past April. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Westchester Square BID a step closer to approval

The Westchester Square Business Improvement District inched another step closer to becoming a reality with the pivotal approval of the City Planning Commission. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Second phase of construction on Owen Dolen to begin

Construction on the second phase of the Owen Dolen Recreation Center is set begin after five years of planning. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Chamber, Housing Police bring smiles in wake of tragedy

The Bronx Chamber of Commerce and the NYC Housing Police helped put a smile on the face of a youngster who has been through a personal tragedy. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Orchard Beach’s 75th welcomes improvements

Orchard Beach celebrated its 75th anniversary opening weekend with much fanfare about the replenished and refurbished beach. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Three Troop 145 Scouts Promoted to Eagle Rank

Three young Pelham Bay men are ready to use the phrase “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle” with pride. Comment.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bronx Times Reporter

City Island Wins Cell Tower Fight

City Island has won the battle to keep an oversized cell phone tower out of their neighborhood. Comment.

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