April 10, 2011: 2011, Issue 14
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Webster Avenue Rezone Approved by New York City Council

The proposal to revitalize Webster Avenue by bringing new developmental opportunities has officially become a reality. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

26 sick trees on Pelham Parkway to go

Trees that are diseased and dying are being axed out of the picture as reconstruction of Pelham Parkway commences. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Vacant house cleaned and secured by Klein

A property in disrepair on City Island, an eyesore in mortgage arrears, has been cleaned-up and secured. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Pompeii Spills Over

Ongoing issues at the Pompeii Lounge are continuing to be a problem for the community. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Bronx Museum host Bronx Stories storyteller program

The Bronx Museum was the scene of a new storytelling series that is set to lend voices to people who seek to break down stereotypes about the borough they call home. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

WSZIO to focus only on youth programs

It may be the end of a era, but also a new day, for the Westchester Square Zerega Improvement Organization. Comment.

Senator Klein Fights To Ban High Alcoholic Beverages

Senator Jeff Klein is continuing his fight against the sales of potent alcoholic beverages to minors. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Santa Maria Kindergarten Class Raises Money for Japan

With many organizations throughout the world donating money to aid Japan in their time of need, it’s very unexpected that a Bronx kindergarten class would come up a fund-raiser of their own. Comment.

Montefiore Teachers Patients About Healthier Meals

To help promote National Nutrition Month, Montefiore Medical Center held a cooking demonstration for their patients to teach them more about cooking healthier meals. Comment.

Dominican Republic First Lady Honored at Lehman College

The annual lecture at Lehman College honors an individual who has made a difference in public service on an international level, and this year’s special guest has certainly accomplished that. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

New Zoning Law Prevents Throggs Neck Medical Office from Opening

It appears that a medical facility will not be located in a historical building that once housed Throggs Neck’s only synagogue. Comment.

Loved Bishop Gets Street Renaming

Bishop William J. Robinson was deeply involved in gospel music for his entire life, but no matter how loud he sang, nothing speaks louder than a street now named after him in dedication for the work he did. Comment.

Man Murdered in Front of Kennedy Fried

Mohammed Alomgir Hossain probably didn’t see himself as a martyr when he was working at the Kennedy Fried Chicken on E. 165th Street, supporting his wife son back in Bangladesh. Comment.

New Capital One Bank Celebrates Grand Opening in The Hub

Adding a bank to a popular shopping area is always a plus for the entire neighborhood and borough. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Bronx Native Wins First Professional MMA Fight

Even though mixed martial arts competitions are illegal in the state, the dream of becoming a professional MMA competitor has become a reality for a Bronx native. Comment.

Rally to save forclosure prevention advocates

Elected officials are calling on the state to continue funding the free attorneys who help homeowners in trouble with their mortgages, negotiate with creditors. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Peggy Braverman Leaves Behind a Legacy of Work for the Bronx

When it came to getting candidates elected, David Axelrod and Karl Rove had nothing on Peggy Braverman. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Senator Klein and AT&T Keep READ Alliance Going in Bronx Schools

Kindergarten and first grade students, as well as their tutors, are being rewarded for their extra efforts during after school hours. Comment.

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