April 30, 2011: 2011, Issue 17
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

VNSNY Helps Multigen Families in Bronx

It can often be very difficult for family members of different generations to live under the same roof together. Comment.

Urban Health Plan to Open Fifth Medical Center

Tough economy or not, the Bronx is quietly booming, and another vital addition to the borough will be appearing within the next few years. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Activest Vinny Taddeo Committed to Community

A beloved family man who dedicated his life to making his community better has passed away. Comment.

Cardinal Spellman Mourns Passing of Sal Schiazza

One of the most beloved men in Cardinal Spellman High School history has passed away, leaving a powerful legacy at the school he truly loved. Comment.

RiverBay Corp. Gunman Found Guilty

The verdict handed down by a jury in the Bronx Criminal Court gave some people in Co-op City a sense of closure. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Problematic Van Nest Teen Hangout Handled

The party’s finally over at a problematic vacant home in Van Nest. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

O’Grady Comedy Show Hits Stepinac

The comedy show to benefit the O’Grady family of Throggs Neck is finally here. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Safety Issues Raised Over Rhinelander Building

It’s been a little over a month since a knife wielder was gunned down by police officers, but elected officials and local residents are searching for answers. Comments (1).

Conversation Series Launches in Mott Haven

A local artist has developed a new way for people all over the country to stay on top of what’s happening in the Bronx. Comment.

Teen Dies As Result of Brush Avenue Crash

Shaadieq Hicks, a passenger in a van that rolled over on Brush Avenue off Bruckner Boulevard earlier this month, passed away at Jacobi Medical Center on Monday, April 18. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Hering Avenue ‘Castle’ Now a House of Horrors

One of oldest houses in Indian Village has become a nuisance for its neighbors. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Spencer Estates Residents Say No To Park Access Gate

You may have heard of the famous Watergate or Monicagate, but you can call this Gategate. Comment.

Three Die In Prospect Avenue Fire

A fire in a Prospect Avenue building killed a family of three early in the morning of Monday, April 25. Comment.

Annual Bronx Week Launches First Borough Film Festival

For the first time ever during the festivities surrounding Bronx Week, a film festival will be part of the festivities. Comment.

Cats Take Over Co-Op City House

Never in Lorraine Ritter’s life did she think she would find herself in the situation she got herself into when she decided to take care of another woman’s cats. Comment.

New Law Forces Bazzini Nuts to PA

Bazzini Nuts manufacturing is the first operation forced out of Hunts Point by the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, but it may not be the last. Comment.

Twenty-year-old in Hospital After Refusing to Drop BB Gun

Mamadou Balde has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing after the incident that drew police to the Cocoa House on Grant Highway early morning on Friday, April 22. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Pro Wrestling Comes to St. Francis Xavier

Tickets are selling fast for a much anticipated wrestling event at St. Francis Xavier. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Graffiti removal one step forward, two steps back

The city Department of Transportation cleaned up a graffitied wall alongside the expressway near the corner of Bruckner Boulevard and Huntington Avenue on Friday, April 15 that has been a regular target of midnight scrawlers. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Traffic agents may receive new informal, verbal guidelines

Motorists in the Bronx may soon have some more leeway thanks to informal guidelines the Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Division may be putting into effect. Comment.

Congressman Serrano Makes Big Changes

Jose Serrano has been in Congress since 1990, but two of his biggest changes since taking office occurred over the last 12 months. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Waterbury-Lasalle Residents Lobby For Parking

Residents of Waterbury-LaSalle are beginning to get fed-up with the lack of parking. Comment.

Future Bronx Children’s Museum Gets Moveable Art Museum

Although a Bronx Children’s Museum is still a couple of years away from being a place to visit, a preview of the museum can now visit the children. Comment.

College of Mount Saint Vincent Celebrates 100 Years

The charter that created the College of Mount Saint Vincent was celebrated 100 years later with a Centennial Founder’s Day celebration on campus. Comment.

Marine Honored With Street Renaming

The word hero is tossed around lightly, but on Saturday, April 16, the Bronx honored someone who actually deserved the title. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

CB 10 sets forth new guidelines for liquor

Before Community Board 10 acts on a liquor application, it will require the applicant to agree in writing to follow its recently enacted guidelines. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Nochimson named branch manager at Van Nest Library

The Van Nest Library has a new branch manager who has made it his business to bring together all parts of the community that wish to access a world of information and services. Comment.

Famous Rapper and Friends Open Juice Bar

Three friends, one who happens to be a platinum-selling rapper, have opened a juice bar on Castle Hill Avenue. Comment.

Jerome Park Reservoir Still Off Limits

Bronxites who want access to the area around the Jerome Park Reservoir won’t be getting it in the near future, and they’re not happy about it. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Riverbay opposes Hutchinson River Bridge switchback

The new two-mile extension for the Hutchinson River Parkway Greenway has hit a bump, as a small piece of the proposed route is being questioned by the host community. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Fourth Consecutive Waterbury-LaSalle Tree Giveaway

The Bronx is slowly becoming a greener borough, and local associations are doing whatever they can to help the cause. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

High Schoolers Clean Up Ferry Point Park

Bill Weisbrod Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

MWA To Advocate for East Bronx Waterfront

The east Bronx waterfront, one of the most neglected and underserved waterways in New York City, has a new friend in the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. Comment.

St. Ray’s Holds Youth Easter Parade

With the start of spring comes the celebration of Easter, and St. Raymond’s Elementary School is taking advantage of the nice weather for their own festivities. Comment.

Clason Point residents express concern about waterfront park

Residents of Clason Point are concerned that quality-of-life issues at Clason Point Park will return as the weather gets warmer. Comment.

Three Teens In Bruckner Rollover

A night out for three teens who police think may have been scrawling graffiti in Throggs Neck had a horrific ending. Comment.

Mentoring Program Makes a Big Difference

A growing mentoring program has found a new location for its offices, but its strong impact on the youth of the borough will remain the same. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Hammond Cove welcomes Pump-out Boat

Waste dumps may soon be a thing of the past in Eastchester Bay, the end of the East River and the waters around Long Island Sound, as a new service boat will soon come and pump sewage waste out of boats for free. The boat will be based out of Hammond Cove Marina at 140 Reynolds Avenue in Throggs Neck and will begin making its rounds at the start of boating season. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

Archbishop Dolan visits Providence Rest

Archbishop Timothy Dolan visited Providence Rest Nursing Home as part of his pledge to visit all Catholic missions and works in the Archdiocese of New York during his tenure as its spiritual leader. Comment.
Bronx Times Reporter

CB 10 unanimously approved Westchester Square BID

Community Board 10 unanimously approved plans for the Westchester Square Business Improvement District, adding more support to a the BID effort that has been in the works for years. Comment.

Community Supported Agricultue Movement Hits Bronx

Vegetable season in the northeast is almost here, and Bronxites will have the chance to reap the benefits. Comment.

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