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Ferry Point Civic Association

We have become aware of an influx of domesticated animals. It has come to our attention that individuals are dumping their unwanted pets in the Ferry Point area. We understand that in some cases, due to the economic crisis, pets are an added expense that just cannot be afforded at this time. We are noticing mostly domesticated cats roaming our streets.

The Ferry Point Civic Association wants you to know that there are other alternatives in relocating your pets other than abandoning them in an unfamiliar area. Ferry Point can be very dangerous for these cats due to the heavy traffic flow from the highly utilized highway and Brush Avenue. Also, domesticated cats have a harder time adjusting to the outside environment, which can be dangerous because they no longer possess tools needed to survive in the wild.

“I was fortunate enough to discover a flea-infested domesticated kitten in my backyard last year. It’s very sad that someone would throw a tiny, helpless animal out into the wild like that,” said JoAnn Sohmers, president of Ferry Point Civic Association. “You must remember that animals need love, but if you don’t have enough love to go around, then give your animal to someone with love to spare.”

Please remember that this is the holiday season and there are many individuals that would love to take in an animal. Many people give animals as presents during the holiday season. Your local and state-wide animal shelters can provide you with information on pet adoption. “I am grateful that I didn’t have to seek out to adopt a wonderful cat, rather he sought out and adopted my family,” concluded Sohmers.

Again, we would like to thank all the residents of Ferry Point that signed the petition, which helped sway Community Board 10 to back us in our efforts to officially mark Wenner and Rohr places as one-way west on NYC DOT maps. It was due to our standing up as a community that we were able to accomplish this goal in just a few short months. As always, we are A Community Standing Up Together.

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