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Locust Point Civic Association

Seasons greetings everyone.

The holiday season is upon us and in locust point that means Breakfast With Santa.

On Saturday, December 20 , Santa will make his yearly visit to the civic center to bring cheer and gifts to all the good children of Locust Point.

I can remember when I was a young Locust Pointer, this was a day we all waited for. Santa would come with a bag full of goodies, and we also got a great breakfast to boot.But a few years later I noticed that Santa had on the same glasses my uncle Pat wore, and on further inspection I realized not only did he wear the same shades, but he kinda looked like him. This was my moment, the day I found out the bitter truth.

So of course from that day on, Christmas takes on a different meaning. I for one, was a little pissed. I felt that a massive lie was told to me and my fellow brothers and sisters. Fast forward a couple of years to when my father was the president of the civic association. I was  17 and really full of myself. Christmas with Santa was something that wasn’t even on my radar, until the day they had no Santa.

I was out late and trying to catch up on some well earned sleep when my father came into my room and woke me up in a really rude way ( I’m not telling). When I cracked the crust from my eyes, my dad informed me that they didn’t have a Santa Claus for the breakfast this year. I couldn’t remember why Santa was AWOL but it seemed that the dreams of all the children of Locust Point would be snuffed out if I didn’t don the suit. Not to mention that my youngest brother Chris would also be crushed.

My father was a good salesman, so a couple of minutes later I was running water over my head and getting a pillow big enough to hide the fact that Jerry Landi was to play Santa.

When it was time to crash the civic, I opened the doors to the yells and screams of excited children who were so happy to see Santa. It made me feel better about not sleeping in. That was until my brother looked into my eyes and started to realize that Santa looked a lot like his oldest brother. The endless circle goes on. Now the event is run by Cookie, Marie and Joann, and I take my daughter every year to look at Santa and scream.

Breakfast with Santa is this Saturday at 10 a.m. Come on down and create your own memories?

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