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Bobbie’s owner promises MP-friendly restaurant

The owner of Bobbie’s Café Lounge has given the troublesome manager the boot in hopes of becoming a community-friendly establishment.

Ardian Kacaj, former bartender and manager of the lounge, was arrested on numerous occasions for allegedly serving liquor in an establishment that holds a wine license and allegedly operating Joke Poker machines.

The most recent occurrence on Thursday, August 13, when the 49th Precinct and the Bronx NYPD Vice Unit shut down the establishment and arrested Kacaj for illegal warehousing, was the last straw.

According to owner Michael Falzarano, he had hoped Kacaj would run the establishment smoothly and eventually purchase the lounge, but decided after the August 13 raid that it was time to get rid of his would be buyer.

“I opened place in beginning and stepped away and gave it to new management,” said Falzarano, “but when I saw the shenanigans I had to come back.”

Falzarano has now taken on full control of Bobbies and hopes to turn the place into the community-friendly establishment residents had hoped it would be.

“I know the community was really against Bobbies, but with new management things will run a lot differently,” said Falzarano. “I don’t want aggravation or the wrong clientele.”

At the Morris Park/Van Nest/Pelham Parkway South Community Board 11 committee meeting on Wednesday, September 23, Falzarano explained his plans for the café and his desire to make it a destination for local business owners as a place to relax after work.

“I want all good working class people to hang out there,” remarked Falzarano.

The Country Club resident stated that he does not plan to remain open past midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends. He also plans, in time, to remove the mirrored glass from the exterior.

According to Captain John Greeley of the 49th Precinct, police will still be keeping a close watch on the establishment.

“I think he is going to do a good job. He realizes it has been a hotbed in the past and that the police will be looking at is carefully,” said Al D’Angelo, CB11 member and president of the Morris Park Community Association. “Hopefully they will be good neighbors. Recently I’ve noticed business owners going in after work, sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying comradely with other business owners.”

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